Find Open Jobs by Company Domain

Find open jobs that a company has listed on their website

Eric Nowoslawski
3 mins.

Finding job openings within a company can be a huge help in finding potential pain points within a company, which ideally you or your company can alleviate. Clay has not one, but TWO ways to find open jobs in a company (at scale) by using just the company’s website. We’ll go through both ways to do this, starting with our PredictLeads Integration.

The first way to find open jobs at a company is by using our PredictLeads integration that helps with just that. All you need is a Clay table with a column dedicated to listing your prospect’s websites. From there, just click “Enrich” at the top right of your Clay table and fill out the required sections before hitting “Run”. The table will the populate with the company’s open jobs.

However, if this doesn’t work, you can use Google to make up the rest of your desired results. Our “Find Google Job Listings” integration scrapes Google Jobs for openings that were recently posted by the company of your choice. The same integration steps follow, and even more results will populate into your Clay table.

Not sure what to do with these results? Try using our OpenAI integration to make deductions or write emails based upon this data. We hope this helps, let us know if you have any questions, and happy prospecting!

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