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Find People from Companies

Matthew Quan

👉 Why Use this Enrichment?

  • Have a list of companies you want to find people at? This source is for you. Input people search filters and auto-find people for every company in your table.

🤖 How this source works:

  • Input a company domain or LinkedIn URL + filters for your people search. Once the search is set up, we’ll auto-find people that meet these criteria. If any new company is added to your company table, the people search will auto-run as well!

🪜 How to set this up:

Step 1 - On your company table, click Actions → then Find People

Step 2 - Notice we auto-recognize the number of companies in your table based on a column. If you want to change the column used to recognize companies, do that here! Please note, you must select a column with company domains, LinkedIn URLs, Sales Nav URLs or Sales Nav IDs.

Step 3 - Enter your people search filters

Step 4 (Optional) - Limit the results per company. If you put in a large company and tens (or hundreds) of people are found, we will import all unless you add a limit here.

Step 5 - Click Preview People → Adjust filters as needed

Step 6 - Import People to New Table. *Please note that people cannot be imported directly to a company table. We separate tables into company tables and people tables so that every person is on their own row. Don’t worry though! Company table data is synced to people tables so you can access everything in one place.

Step 7 (Optional) - Toggle on enrichments you know you’d like. *Be careful here! Any enrichments you toggle on will automatically run for all rows imported. If you have a list of 5,000 people and you toggle on “Work Email” → We will automatically run the Work Email waterfall and credits will be spent on each row.

Step 8 (Optional) - On your people table, map out columns from your company table by click on a cell in the Company Table Data column → Hover over the datapoint you want → Click “Add as Column”

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