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Finding People

Matthew Quan

👉 Why Use this Enrichment?

  • Let’s say you do not already have a list of companies you want to target AND your ICP is pretty broad. In this case, you can jump straight to finding people based on high level filters such as titles and location. If you have a more specific ICP in mind, we typically recommend starting by running “Find companies.

🤖 How this source works:

  • Input filters and pull in the results in bulk as opposed to having to copy and paste this profiles one by one!

🪜 How to set this up:

Step 1: Click “New Table”

Step 2: Select “Find People”

Step 3: Add your people filters and click “Preview People”

Step 4: If you’re happy with your list, click “Import x People to New Table”

Step 5 (Optional): Toggle on enrichments you know you’d like. *Be careful here! Any enrichments you toggle on will automatically run for all rows imported. If you have a list of 5,000 people and you toggle on “Work Email” → We will automatically run the Work Email waterfall and credits will be spent on each row.

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