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Top 10 Alternatives and Competitors to Clearbit

Top 10 Alternatives and Competitors to Clearbit
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Top 10 Alternatives and Competitors to Clearbit
Top 10 Alternatives and Competitors to Clearbit

Clearbit is a handy tool for B2B sales teams that started out as a lead enrichment tool. It later evolved into a more general purpose sales intelligence tool and was subsequently acquired by Hubspot. Since then, their primary use case has become enriching contacts within the Hubspot ecosystem.

In this article, we'll dive into the 10 best alternatives to Clearbit. Whether you're looking for different features, better pricing, or just want to see what else is out there, we've got you covered with a list of great options for upping your sales game.

1. Clay

Why settle for one data enrichment provider when you can have them all? Clay integrates with over 50 data providers, including Clearbit, and allows you to check against multiple enrichment providers at the same time. This means you can reach twice as many leads, avoid paying for individual subscriptions, and receive the highest quality enrichments.

  • Status quo method of enrichment: Most sales teams primarily use a single data enrichment provider, achieving completion rates that often fall short of what’s possible. To reach completion rates that are up to 2x higher, you’ll need to employ multiple data enrichment providers in tandem. This approach, known as ‘waterfalling’, is what makes Clay unique.
  • Waterfalling with Clay: Clay uses waterfalling to enrich your records quickly and easily with our 50+ data providers. For example, if you want to enrich a sheet with your prospects' emails, Clay will initially attempt to retrieve them from Clearbit. If Clearbit cannot find the emails, Clay would automatically try next, and so on, across our entire network of data providers until that record is successfully enriched.

If you're interested in learning more about Clay, here are some other key aspects to consider:

  • Ideal use cases: Sales prospecting, finding and enriching leads, and conducting automated outbound campaigns from start to finish.
  • Features you'll love: AI messaging, real-time scraping, over 10 built-in sources for building lead lists, access to over 50 enrichment providers, bi-directional data sync with your CRM, and waterfall functionality for running multiple data providers simultaneously.
  • Affordable pricing: Our pricing plans are designed to be budget-friendly, including Starter ($149/mo), Explorer ($349/mo), Pro ($800/mo), and Enterprise options, with volume discounts. We also offer a free trial, so come try Clay for free today.
  • User Reviews: Our users love us! Clay boasts a 4.9/5 all-time review score on Product Hunt, with praise for its features, time-saving capabilities, and effectiveness in outbound marketing and prospecting.

In short — Clay is the only company that offers 50+ data providers, the ability to waterfall multiple data providers simultaneously, and get feedback from users like this 👇🏾

2. Apollo is a sales intelligence software designed to help sales teams find and engage with prospects more effectively.

  • Use cases: Sales prospecting, lead generation and email outreach.
  • Features: Extensive database, powerful search and filtering tools, seamless integrations, and an effective engagement suite.
  • Price: offers 4 pricing plans, ranging from free to $99 per month, with a free trial available. See the pricing page for more details.
  • Reviews: has an overall rating of 4.8/5 on G2.

3. Dropcontact

Dropcontact is a B2B email finder and enrichment tool designed to help businesses streamline their CRM data and improve their sales and marketing efforts.

  • Use cases: B2B email finding, enriching contacts, deduplicating data and updating contacts automatically.
  • Features: Email enrichment, CRM enrichment, company enrichment, GDPR compliance, and native integrations with popular CRM platforms.
  • Price: Email search and enrichment costs €24.00 per month for 1000 credits, while CRM integration starts at €39.00 per month for 1 user. See the Dropcontact pricing page for more details.
  • Reviews: Dropcontact has an overall rating of 4.7/5 on G2.

4. Waalaxy

Waalaxy is a lead generation tool designed for LinkedIn and email outreach, allowing users to contact prospects through automated sequences without the need for technical skills.

  • Use cases: LinkedIn lead generation, email outreach, automated outbound sequences, and CRM synchronization.
  • Features: LinkedIn and email features, pre-filled message templates, cloud-based solutions, and live chat support.
  • Price: Waalaxy offers a Free plan, an Advanced plan starting at €40.00 per month, and a Business plan starting at €60.00 per month. See the Waalaxy pricing page for more details.
  • Reviews: Waalaxy has an overall rating of 4.6/5 on G2.

5. Cognism

Cognism is a premium sales intelligence platform designed to provide users with accurate and compliant B2B contact data, including mobile phone numbers and emails.

  • Use cases: Sales prospecting, marketing, revenue operations, and go-to-market activity.
  • Features: Mobile phone number accuracy, GDPR compliance, CRM integrations, and access to phone-verified mobile numbers and intent data.
  • Price: Cognism offers tailored pricing packages, including Platinum and Diamond plans, with a flat platform access fee covering data maintenance, set-up, onboarding, and 24/7 live chat support. See the Cognism pricing page for more details.
  • Reviews: Cognism has an overall rating of 4.6/5 on G2.

6. RocketReach

RocketReach is a lead intelligence software designed to help users find accurate contact information for professionals and businesses.

  • Use cases: Finding contact information, lead generation, email outreach, and CRM integrations.
  • Features: Personal and professional emails, phone numbers, social media profiles, browser extensions, and integrations with popular CRM platforms.
  • Price: RocketReach offers 4 pricing plans, ranging from free to $249 per month, with varying features and lookup limits. See the RocketReach pricing page for more details.
  • Reviews: RocketReach has an overall rating of 4.5/5 on G2.

7. ZoomInfo SalesOS

ZoomInfo SalesOS is a B2B sales prospecting software designed to help sales teams identify and reach potential customers through data-driven insights, buyer intent tracking, website visitor tracking, conversation intelligence and engagement tools.

  • Use cases: Sales prospecting, lead generation, buyer intent tracking, website visitor tracking and conversation intelligence.
  • Features: Comprehensive business data, powerful search and filtering capabilities, user-friendly interface, and integrations with popular CRM platforms.
  • Price: ZoomInfo offers flexible packages across their portfolio of data-driven solutions and premium applications, with individual pricing tiers for sales, marketing, and recruitment. They don’t display pricing publicly, but you can visit the ZoomInfo pricing page to book a demo with them and ask.
  • Reviews: ZoomInfo SalesOS has an overall rating of 4.4/5 on G2.

8. 6sense

6sense is a revenue intelligence platform designed to help sales and marketing teams identify and engage with potential customers through data-driven insights.

  • Use cases: Sales prospecting, lead generation, buyer intent tracking, and marketing automation.
  • Features: Buyer discovery, contact and company data, list management, a Chrome extension, technographics, psychographics as well as web, CRM, and SEP apps.
  • Price: 6sense offers four pricing plans: Free, Team, Growth, and Enterprise, with varying features and capabilities. They don’t publicly display pricing, but you can visit 6sense pricing to book a demo and ask.
  • Reviews: 6sense has an overall rating of 4.4/5 on G2.

9. Datanyze

Datanyze is a sales intelligence platform that helps users find business contact information for B2B sales prospects.

  • Use cases: B2B sales prospecting, lead generation, and contact information retrieval.
  • Features: Google Chrome Extension, contact information from LinkedIn profiles and company websites, and market share reports for various technology categories.
  • Price: They offer two pricing plans - Nyze Pro ($55/month, 90 credits/month) and Nyze Lite (Free, 10 credits/month), with a free trial available.
  • Reviews: Datanyze has an overall rating of 4.2/5 on G2.

10. Lemlist

Lemlist is an AI-powered sales engagement platform designed to help users with their cold outreach and lead generation efforts.

  • Use cases:  Ideal for sales professionals, marketers, and recruiters seeking a comprehensive solution for cold outreach, lead generation, and sales engagement.
  • Features: Lemlist offers features such as personalization at scale, integrations with other tools, multichannel prospecting, follow-ups, a B2B lead database, and free tools like their email finder, cold email generator, and ICP generator.
  • Price: There are three pricing plans, including a 14-day free trial starter plan, a Standard plan at $59 per month, and a Pro plan at $99 per month.
  • Reviews: Lemlist has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on G2.
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