Automatically Use Multiple Data Providers with Clay Attributes

Run several different data providers in an attempt to find high-accuracy data.

Matthew Quan
3 min.

Clay has always had several providers for each main attribute (emails, phone numbers, etc.) to make sure that you can find the most accurate information. Now, we've made it ridiculously easy to use all of them at once!

Introducing attributes, our new feature that allows you to combine several integrations, input information once, and run them all conditionally. If the first integration doesn't find the right information, Clay will automatically run the second integration, and so on. This saves time, columns, and Clay credits!

How to use it:

  1. Click "attributes"
  2. Select the data type you're looking for
  3. Select the order of integrations you'd like to run
  4. Run the attribute flow

We hope this helps- happy prospecting!

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