Where are Uber’s Headquarters & Office Locations?

April 29, 2024

Uber, known for revolutionizing transportation through its ride-sharing app, has a significant global presence with a network of offices supporting its diverse services. This includes ride-sharing, food delivery, and freight services.

Here, we'll explore Uber’s main headquarters and its various office locations around the world.

Where Is Uber’s HQ?

Uber’s main headquarters is situated at 1515 3rd Street in San Francisco, California. The headquarters, often referred to as a significant part of Uber's identity, is located in a vibrant area conducive to innovation and strategic planning.

This location supports thousands of employees who contribute to the company’s global operations and technological advancements. The HQ stands out for its modern design and facilities that emphasize sustainability and efficiency.

What are Other Uber’s Office Locations?

Uber has established multiple offices worldwide to manage its extensive operations effectively. Here are some notable ones:

  • Chicago, Illinois: Located in the historic Old Post Office building, Uber’s Chicago office serves as a vital hub for its operations in the Midwest. This office is crucial for managing Uber's logistical operations across the region.
  • New York City, New York: With offices in Manhattan and Long Island City, Uber’s New York locations are pivotal in its East Coast operations, providing a base for both its corporate functions and its dynamic marketplace activities.
  • Dallas, Texas: Serving as a strategic point for the Southern U.S., Uber’s office in Dallas focuses on regional management and operational support, helping streamline services across the South.
  • International Locations: Uber maintains offices in major cities across the globe, including London, Amsterdam, and São Paulo. These offices help tailor Uber's offerings to local markets and manage relations with local stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

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