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AI Messaging with AI with Clay x Smartlead

Mishti Sharma

Crazy feature launching: You can write and send emails natively within Clay — with the power of AI!

How to Start: A Step by Step Screenshot Walkthrough

Let's work backwards from an example of a great email, stacked with AI-powered personalizations, to learn how you can make your own.

First, start with any Clay table that has emails in it. Click on the "Draft Emails" button.

That'll bring you to a prompt screen, where you can write—and see live previews of—any message. Insert variables from your Clay table and use AI prompts to fill in custom sentences. You can reference someone's job experience, a company's tech stack, open job roles, or even generate creative, relevant marketing ideas.

A great way to get started is to use our AI Templates! Browse a tried-and-tested prompt library to find one that suits your outbound use case.

Stack up multiple prompts and variable inserts to make your email truly shine.

Et voila—you'll have fully drafted emails in your table to review!

After you're done composing your emails, you can send them with one click to your live campaigns on Smartlead. Click "Enrich Data" and "Add Lead to Campaign." Put in your Smartlead API key, fill in what campaign you want to use, and get started. If you don't already have a Smartlead account, sign up for a Pro Plan to get going.

Additional Resources

Check out these videos to learn more:

-A quick walkthrough of the end-to-end process (featured above)

-Examples of how to iterate through different prompts, presented by our own engineer, Tess

-And more to come!

To learn more about the basic principles of AI prompting, check out our guide.

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