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Find Company Lookalikes on Clay

Mishti Sharma

It can be hard to start prospecting for companies from a blank slate. What filters should you use? What signals should you look for? What are the characteristics your initial customers share?

We built Company Lookalikes on Clay to help you find any company similar to one you’re currently researching using AI!

When you're building lists on Clay, you can now start with any company's LinkedIn URL and automatically find more companies like that one using an LLM search! Check out the attached video to see it in action.

For example:

  • Use Tesla → Get Rivian, Polestar, and Fisker
  • Use McDonalds → Get Burger King, Wendy’s and Popeyes
  • Use Nike → Get Adidas, Puma, and Reebok

How to access this feature:

  • Log in to Clay and create a table with the LinkedIn URLs of some companies that fit your ICP
  • You'll see a button on the bottom that says "Find Company Lookalikes"
  • Tick the box for one of the rows in your table & click the button to launch a lookalike search for that company

You can then review the results to add to your table and move on with the rest of your prospecting practice!

To come up with these lists using AI, we're taking a variety of factors from the companies you provide (description, industry, size, etc) and feeding them to a custom large language model (similar to OpenAI) to compare to all the other companies on LinkedIn.

We then are ranking the results reported by the LLM and return what we deem to be the top 30 in terms of quality.

A great next step after importing new lookalike companies is to enrich them — click "Enrich Data" and you'll see a number of options, including location, size, LinkedIn fields, and more. You can also use AI to make inferences about the companies.

TLDR: As long as you know a few companies that fit your ICP, you can use Company Lookalikes to find others from our LinkedIn dataset—in seconds. Happy prospecting!

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