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Claygent: Your AI Web Scraper

Mishti Sharma

Introducing Claygent — an AI web scraper that can search and browse the web to find information for you.

What does that mean? Your prospecting research can’t be limited by any data provider ever again. The whole internet is your canvas 🎨

Examples of what you can ask:

  • Visit a company website and decide if it’s B2B and SOC-II verified
  • Search Google and Wikipedia for a company’s franchise locations
  • Visit popular Instagram profiles to scrape bios and follower counts

and SO, SO, SO much more!

Here's how to find it:

  • Log into Clay and create a new table
  • Add a list of people or companies you want to research
  • Click "Enrich Data" and then search for "Claygent"

This will open up the following modal, in which you can specify what you want Claygent to find, scrape, and research for you. You'll need your own OpenAPI key to use it - follow the link to set one up! it only takes seconds.

Here are some more examples of things you can do, from the workflows of real Clay powerusers.

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