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Top 10 Alternatives and Competitors to Instantly

Top 10 Alternatives and Competitors to Instantly
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Top 10 Alternatives and Competitors to Instantly
Top 10 Alternatives and Competitors to Instantly is a cold email software that helps users scale their outreach campaigns with features such as unlimited email sending accounts, warmup, a B2B lead database, and generative AI. This allows for the sending of thousands of emails daily without harming the sender's reputation.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 alternatives to Instantly.

1. Clay

If you're aiming to double your lead outreach compared to any other provider, Clay is the solution for you! Clay seamlessly integrates with a network of over 50 data providers, including Airtable, SignalHire, and more, processing them in parallel using a cutting-edge technique known as waterfalling. This approach offers superior accuracy and cost-effectiveness compared to relying on a single provider.

Challenges of single-source enrichment

  • Limited reach: Relying on a single data enrichment provider means depending on a single database of leads. If the information you seek isn't in that database, you'll face limitations.
  • Time-consuming search for new sources: You could explore additional tools, but this can be both expensive and time-consuming.

Reach twice as many leads with clay

  • Utilize 50+ data providers simultaneously: With Clay, we automatically search across multiple data providers to retrieve your information—no manual effort required! This ensures the highest possible enrichment rate. For instance, when enriching a sheet with prospect phone numbers, Clay initially attempts retrieval from Clearbit. If Clearbit doesn't have the information, Clay seamlessly switches to Apollo, and so on, across our extensive network of data providers until the record is successfully enriched.
  • One subscription, access to all: Say goodbye to the hassle of signing up for each data provider individually. With Clay, you can access all of them through a single account—no additional sign-ups needed.
  • Explore our providers: Discover Clay's Range of Providers and understand why it's more than just a service; it's a comprehensive data enrichment solution.

Here are some other key aspects to consider

  • Ideal use cases: Clay is perfectly suited for sales teams, recruiters, growth agencies, and startups seeking efficient scaling of personalized outbound campaigns.
  • Features tailored for high-performance: With over 10 built-in sources for lead generation, 150+ enrichments, and AI-powered email writing, Clay's standout feature is its waterfall functionality, allowing users to leverage multiple data providers simultaneously for highly accurate data.
  • Affordable pricing: Our pricing plans are thoughtfully designed to be budget-friendly, offering options like Starter ($149/mo), Explorer ($349/mo), Pro ($800/mo), and Enterprise, complete with volume discounts. We also offer a free trial, so come try Clay for free today.
  • Glowing reviews: Our users are our biggest fans! Clay boasts an impressive 4.9/5 all-time review score on Product Hunt, with users praising its features, time-saving capabilities, and effectiveness in outbound marketing and lead prospecting.

In summary, Clay is the only company that provides 50+ data providers, the capability to waterfall multiple data providers simultaneously, and receives glowing feedback from users like this 👇🏾

2. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo SalesOS is a B2B sales prospecting software designed to help businesses streamline their sales process and improve their outreach efforts.

  • Use cases: Sales prospecting, conversation intelligence, engagement, and integrations with other sales tools.
  • Features: Sales prospecting software, conversation intelligence, engagement, and integrations with other sales tools.
  • Price: Specific pricing details are not provided on the ZoomInfo pricing page, but they offer data-driven solutions and premium applications. A free trial is also available.
  • Reviews: ZoomInfo SalesOS has an overall rating of 4.4/5 on G2.

3. Clearbit

Clearbit is a data enrichment tool that helps businesses create, complete, and correct their records to convert more leads.

  • Use cases: Creating, completing, and correcting records, converting leads, and integrating with other tools for data-backed decisions.
  • Features: Real-time enrichment, 100+ B2B attributes, integration with other tools, and machine learning-powered improvements.
  • Price: Clearbit offers a Free plan, a Growth plan ranging from $50 to $275, and a Business plan with custom pricing. See the Clearbit pricing page for more details.
  • Reviews: Clearbit has an overall rating of 4.4/5 on G2.

4. Lusha

Lusha is a go-to-market intelligence platform designed for sales, marketing, and recruitment teams.

  • Use cases: Sales, marketing, and recruitment teams looking to find contact information for prospects on LinkedIn and other platforms.
  • Features: Contact finder extension for LinkedIn, high accuracy rate, free leads, CRM integration, and data privacy and security measures.
  • Price: Lusha offers a Free plan with 5 credits and 1 user per month, a Pro plan at $29 per user per month (billed annually) with 480 credits, a Premium plan at $51 per user per month (billed annually) with 960 credits, and a custom-priced Scale plan for large-scale prospecting. See the Lusha pricing page for more details.
  • Reviews: Lusha has an overall rating of 4.3/5 on G2.

5. is an email-finding platform that helps users discover and connect with professional and company email addresses.

  • Use cases: Finding and connecting with professional and company email addresses, domain search, email verification, and running email campaigns.
  • Features: Domain search, email finder, email verifier, campaigns, integrations with other tools, and a browser extension.
  • Price: Hunter offers a Free plan, a Starter plan at $49/month, a Growth plan at $99/month, and a Business plan at $199/month. Yearly subscriptions come with discounts. See the Hunter pricing page for more details.
  • Reviews: Hunter has an overall rating of 4.4/5 on G2.

6. UpLead

UpLead is a B2B database and business contact data provider that helps users build prospecting lists free from bad-fit buyers and low-qualified leads.

  • Use cases: Building prospecting lists, finding accurate contact data, verifying data in real-time, and accessing mobile direct dials and intent data.
  • Features: Prospector, Data Enrichment, Chrome Extension, API, Email Verification, Technographics, Email Finder, and Intent Data.
  • Price: UpLead offers a Free Trial with 5 credits, an Essentials plan at $99/month with 170 credits, a Plus plan at $199/month with 400 credits, and a custom-priced Professional plan. See the UpLead pricing page for more details.
  • Reviews: UpLead has an overall rating of 4.7/5 on G2.

7. Dropcontact

Dropcontact is a B2B email finder and enrichment tool designed for CRM integration.

  • Use cases: Enriching and verifying B2B contacts, CRM integration, company enrichment, and lead generation workflows.
  • Features: Native CRM integrations, GDPR compliance, proprietary algorithms, email verification, company enrichment, and API for automation.
  • Price: Email Finder subscription is 24€, and CRM integration starts at 20€ per month. Both plans offer a free trial with no credit card required. See the Dropcontact pricing page for more details.
  • Reviews: Dropcontact has an overall rating of 4.7/5 on G2.

8. Adapt

Adapt is a B2B lead intelligence platform that empowers sales and marketing teams with an extensive database of over 150 million contacts and 30 million companies.

  • Use cases: Empowering sales and marketing teams, lead generation, data enrichment, and scaling lead generation efforts.
  • Features: Extensive B2B database, advanced filters, dynamic lists, enrichment, and rest API integration.
  • Price: Specific pricing details are not provided, but a free trial is available. Visit the Adapt pricing page for more information.
  • Reviews: Adapt has an overall rating of 4.6/5 on G2.

9. is a software solution specializing in sales intelligence, meticulously crafted to enhance sales workflows and elevate lead generation efforts.

Use cases: excels in assisting users with a spectrum of essential sales functions, including sales prospecting, lead generation, and outreach automation.

Features: Its comprehensive feature set includes email credits, sequence limits, advanced filters, buying intent topics, a LinkedIn extension for seamless networking, and daily email-sending limits, all designed to empower users in their sales endeavors.

Price: There are four versions you can choose from, starting with a free one and going up to $99. You can also try the premium version for free to see if it's right for you. Check out the pricing page for all the details.

  • Reviews: has an overall rating of 4.8/5 on G2.

10. Cognism

Cognism is a sales intelligence platform designed to provide users with mobile phone numbers and B2B emails of potential business contacts, boasting a 98% mobile phone number accuracy.

  • Use cases: Sales, marketing, revenue operations, and go-to-market leaders looking for accurate contact information and seamless platform integrations.
  • Features: Prospector, Enhance, Chrome Extension, Intent Data, Integrations, GDPR compliance, and a content hub with various resources.
  • Price: Cognism tailors its pricing packages to individual needs and workflows, with a flat platform access fee covering data maintenance, set-up, onboarding, and 24/7 live chat support. For specific pricing information, users can fill out a form on the Cognism pricing page to discuss options with the Cognism team. A free trial and demo are also available.
  • Reviews: Cognism has an overall rating of 4.6/5 on G2.
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