Where are Netflix’s Headquarters & Office Locations?

April 29, 2024

Netflix, a global streaming giant, has established its headquarters and several offices worldwide to support its innovative and rapidly growing business. Let's dive into the main headquarters and other prominent office locations that enable Netflix to continue its success.

Where Is Netflix’s HQs?

Netflix's primary headquarters is located in Los Gatos, California, at 121 Albright Way. The Los Gatos HQ, which houses modern offices and creative spaces, serves as a hub for strategic decision-making, content acquisition, and product innovation.

The facility reflects Netflix's commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive work environment. Here, teams collaborate to ensure the company's global success through cutting-edge strategies.

What Are Other Netflix’s Office Locations?

  • Los Angeles, California: Located in the heart of Hollywood, the LA office plays a pivotal role in content production. Teams work with local directors, writers, and actors to produce original TV series, movies, and documentaries, tapping into Hollywood's immense talent pool.
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands: The Amsterdam HQ manages Netflix's operations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It tailors regional content and manages partnerships with local studios to produce culturally relevant content.
  • Tokyo, Japan: The Tokyo office allows Netflix to cater to Asian markets effectively. They collaborate with local creators and production companies to develop content that resonates with Japanese audiences.
  • Other Locations: Netflix also has offices in New York, Toronto, São Paulo, and many other cities across the globe, each serving as an essential point for regional content creation and market expansion.

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