Who Is Jason Citron, the CEO of Discord?

April 29, 2024

Jason Citron is the mastermind behind Discord, a communication platform that has revolutionized how gamers and various communities connect.

From his early roots in the gaming industry to leading one of the world's most influential communication tools, Citron's journey is marked by innovation, collaboration, and an unwavering passion for enhancing community interaction.

Who Is Jason Citron?

Jason Citron is the founder and CEO of Discord Inc., a communication platform that has become integral to gaming communities and other diverse groups worldwide.

Known for his deep understanding of gaming culture and community needs, Citron's career is marked by his passion for creating spaces where people can connect and share experiences.

Education History

Jason Citron pursued his education at Full Sail University, where he focused on game development. His studies provided him with a solid foundation in programming and design, fueling his career in the gaming industry.

Work History

Before founding Discord, Jason Citron was the founder and CEO of OpenFeint, a mobile social gaming network that was later acquired by the Japanese company GREE for $104 million.

His success with OpenFeint established him as an innovative figure in the tech and gaming industries.

When Did Jason Citron Founded Discord?

Jason Citron co-founded Discord in 2015, alongside Stan Vishnevskiy. They aimed to create a communication tool that met the specific needs of gamers, such as reliable voice, video, and text chat during gameplay.

Their shared vision was to improve the way gamers communicate online, making it more seamless and integrated.

When Did Jason Citron Become CEO?

Jason Citron became the CEO of Discord when he co-founded the company in 2015. From its inception, he has been at the helm, steering the company through various stages of growth and expansion.

How Long Has Jason Citron Been in Discord?

As of 2024, he has been leading Discord as CEO for nearly nine years, during which he has overseen its evolution from a startup to a major player in online communication platforms, with a valuation that has soared into the billions.

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