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Who on my team should use Clay?

Here are a few typically successful team setups we’ve seen with Clay.

At enterprise companies:

  • GTM leaders decide the criteria for lead enrichment, segmentation, and outreach
  • A GTM operations team member implements the above criteria into Clay. (Clay is the team’s “enrichment layer,” which syncs to the CRM to keep data live and accurate).
  • SDRs do not interface directly with Clay. Instead, they benefit from already-curated leads, enriched data, personalizations in their CRMs.
    • For example, one client’s SDRs simply click a button in Salesforce to fetch enriched data from Clay, including relevant a company summary, relevant contacts, and a draft message.
  • For one-off prospecting, SDRs can interact with Clay’s LinkedIn Chrome extension (one click sends a record to Clay, enriches it, and sends it onwards to a CRM.)

At startups, a growth lead often implements Clay and runs all of the company’s outreach single-handedly. Once the company reaches some level of volume, these startups hire a sales team member to help with live conversations.

At outbound agencies, one founder often sets up and runs Clay campaigns on behalf of many clients.

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Clay brand asset shaped as a 3D group of abstract objects made out of purple and pink clayClay brand asset shaped as a 3D group of abstract objects made out of purple and pink clay

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