Use GPT-3 to personalize outbound at scale

Automate 100% personalized emails with Clay and Open AI

Eric Nowoslawski
19 mins.

Our ability to apply prospecting personalizations at scale, combined with OpenAI’s revolutionary new language processing systems, create the most powerful prospecting personalization tool to ever hit the market. Never before have you been able to so easily personalize outreach at the accuracy that is achieved by Clay x OpenAI integrations.

While there are near infinite applications that can be made using our OpenAI integrations, Eric goes through several of them in this video packed with value. Here are a few of the ways you can use OpenAI Integrations to pass your competition by miles in outreach:

Writing personalized emails. Writing emails to each prospect with personalized details used to be tedious, time consuming, and rarely as accurate as one would desire. However, you can now integrate infinite personalized details within an email using Clay and OpenAI.

Making assumptions using previously enriched data. The example that Eric uses in this video is determining whether a company is B2B or B2C, based on information given in their website. This can save tons of time from doing this same thing manually, and allows you to directly input this info into later OpenAI prompts.

Asking Questions to Help Qualify Prospects. Don’t want to individually vet each of the dozens (if not hundreds) or prospects within a Clay table? Let OpenAI do it for you! Enter a few data points into the prompt, as well as some of your vetting process and let OpenAI figure out whether to do with this prospect or not.

Those are three examples of how to use Clay, but let your imagination run! There are plenty more that we didn’t touch on, and feel free to use the video as some idea inspo. We hope this helps, reach out to us if you have any questions, and happy prospecting 😄

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