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Automating Outreach to Companies Based on 7 Sales Triggers

Automating Outreach to Companies Based on 7 Sales Triggers

Use sales triggers to qualify leads and create personalized outreach at scale.

Eric Nowoslawski
9 min.

Video and Description by Eric from Clay:

Here's a workflow I built that analyzes company's for 7 different triggers for why we should reach out to them.

This automates a methodology called "Why You, Why Now" I learned from John Barrows.

I will go over the triggers and you can see the process in the video below!

Trigger 1

New Customer support Team lead and past company support tech

Example of first line: "Hey Suchita, noticed you recently were promoted to Principal Customer Success Manager in March. Before working at 6sense, I saw you worked at Yext. Noticed both companies are using Zendesk and Drift right now. How's your experience with them?"

Trigger 2

Customer support team growth by percentage and looking for those that are in a qualifying range.

Example of first line: I noticed that 6sense added 20 customer support people in the last 3 months. Are your current processes still working with the team growth?

Trigger 3

New Product Launch and leverage AI to discuss what support questions might come up with it.

Example of first line: I figured customers might reach out for support around things like utilizing the new AI Writer tool in their sales process.

Trigger 4

No Support tech on site. We can even compare this to how many employees the company has and how long they have been in business.

Example of first line (not for 6sense): Noticed you aren't using any support tech on the site. I'd imagine that since the business was founded in 2014 and you just broke 100 employees that your old processes might not be working any more.

Trigger 5

Using competitive support tech on site and have different things to say depending on which competitor they are using.

Example of first line: Noticed you're using Zoho Support, have you found their multichannel inbox to be useful in support or are things falling through the cracks?

Trigger 6

Hiring for Customer Support and use AI to deduct tasks that are mentioned in the job description that your tool could optimize or replace!

Example of first line: Noticed you're hiring for as Customer Support Associate. Took a look at the job description and it looked like they will need to respond to emails with appropriate answers to customers. Are you thinking about how AI can be leveraged to speed up this process?

Trigger 7

They have a generic support email and either no support tech on site OR they have support tech on site (which let’s us know that they need to have everything in one place).

Example of first line: Noticed on the site you weren't using a support software but I found is up there. Are you finding that you can answer all of your support questions without dropping things with just an inbox?

In a follow up email, we could say something like below to keep the personalization going.

"I figured customers might reach out for support around things like leveraging 6sense's AI for creating and converting high-quality pipelines."

As always, let me know what you think!

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