ChatGPT and Complete Prompt - Connect to GPT Within Clay

Use ChatGPT at scale with Clay.

Matthew Quan
7 min.

In this tutorial, we discuss how to connect to GPT within Clay, a B2B SaaS tool that specializes in finding sales leads, enriching them, and sending them back to a CRM. The two main AI integrations offered by Clay are Converse with ChatGPT and Complete Prompt. Converse with ChatGPT is the latest and highest quality integration, which runs on the newest GPT model and can generate complex outputs. On the other hand, Complete Prompt uses GPT-3, which may not produce high-quality outputs for complex tasks.

If you want to generate messages or use AI within Clay, it is recommended to use Converse with ChatGPT. However, if you want to access pre-built prompts, Complete Prompt is the way to go. Snippets in Complete Prompt allow you to access pre-built prompts and answer questions, but they will eventually be added to Converse with ChatGPT as well. The AI works better with more context and information, so it is important to specify the tone and give context for the tone, and to give system, user, and assistant roles for better outputs.

When using Converse with ChatGPT, highlight how many messages you want and specify the role for each message. The system role gives context to the AI and specifies what you are trying to achieve. The user role is the input that you would be typing, while the assistant role helps ensure that the outputs are within the realms of what you are looking for. Providing examples is optional, but it helps the AI generate outputs closer to what you want.

In conclusion, Converse with ChatGPT is the recommended AI integration for generating messages or using AI within Clay, while Complete Prompt is best for accessing pre-built prompts. By providing context and information, specifying roles, and giving examples, the AI can produce higher quality outputs that are closer to what you are looking for.

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