Find A Company's Number of Locations

Automatically find how many locations a company has.

Matthew Quan
2 min.

Want to quickly find answers to questions about companies, such as the number of locations they have? In this video tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to automate this process using the clay web scraper and Google Search integration. In just a few minutes, you'll go from a manual research task to one fully automated in Clay.

First, you'll learn how to set up your own  Clay Scraper recipe to pull the information you want.

Then, Matthew guides you through setting up a Google search integration to automate your typical google query.

Finally, he shows you how to automate the scraping process using the "data from page" feature. In this case, it extracts the number of locations for each company.

The best part of all? This same method works for various other use cases where you are manually completing a research step. Give it a try and discover how automation can make your company research faster and more accurate.

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