Find local business leads with Google Maps

Find local leads with Google Maps

6 mins.

Finding info on businesses near you (or another location) can be annoying and tedious if done manually. It often doesn’t even yield all of the possible results, either. Clay has solved this by allowing you to scrape Google Maps for local businesses. Heres how to do it:

Go to our Google Maps source, located in the “Import Data” tab in your Clay home. From there, you need to find the latitude and longitude of the place you want to use as the base for your proximity search. This can be done through several websites, and Varun even provides an example in the video. After inputting those, just throw in the proximity to the base latitude and longitude that you want, and click run.

Once Clay finds the business you’re looking for, you’ll notice that you can access more data about them such as their contact info, their website, and even their Google rating. You can map that information out for further use. We hope this helps, and happy prospecting!

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