Find someone’s past experience in Clay

Find someone’s past job experience using Clay’s LinkedIn integration

Eric Nowoslawski
1 min.

Finding out what roles a person held before their current position can be incredibly valuable when attempting to onboard them as a customer. This information can be used to find something to intro with, a possible experience that may shape how they view their current job, or even to reference their old coworkers as mutual connections. However, doing this at scale can often be tedious and time-consuming work- until now.

With Clay’s “Enrich Person from LinkedIn Profile” integration, you can easily map out their past experience for easy access, reference, or further data use. All you need is a link to the person’s LinkedIn profile, and you can begin! Click on the “Enrich” button on the top right of your Clay Table, search “Enrich Person from LinkedIn Profile”, and toss the column with their LinkedIn profile link into the labeled column. Click “Run” and let Clay do the rest!

After the results start popping up, click on one and scroll down to “Experience”. From there you’ll find all of that person’s current and past job positions. You can map any of these out into their own column or run more integrations with the info directly. One of our favorite integrations to run after finding their experience is with OpenAI, where you can write a custom email mentioning their past experience as a personalization point. We hope this helps, let us know if you have any questions, and happy prospecting!

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