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Find what tools competitors are using and search keywords from a URL

Find what tools competitors are using and search keywords from a URL

Get more information on your prospects by searching their websites for their tech stack and keywords on their website

Matt Maiale
2 min.

How to Find What Tools Competitors are Using and Search Keywords from a URL

Discover a powerful lead sourcing technique that allows you to identify companies utilizing specific tools and containing particular keywords on their websites. In this step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to leverage integrations with BuiltWith and Clay to streamline your lead generation process.

Step 1: Narrowing Down Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
Begin by understanding your target audience and the specific tools or keywords you want to focus on. This approach helps you refine your lead sourcing efforts and get creative with finding new leads.

Step 2: Utilizing BuiltWith Integration
Access the built-in integration with BuiltWith, a powerful web technology profiler. Simply enter the company domain and specify the tool or keyword you wish to search for, such as "HubSpot rental records." This integration reveals the companies using HubSpot.
Step 3: Leveraging Clay and Website Scraping
Switch to Clay and navigate to the "Scrape Website" feature. Extract valuable data from the identified companies' websites. Pull information like website URLs, emails, body text, phone numbers, and more by saving changes and running all records in the view suite.

Step 4: Analyzing Website Text
Explore the body text obtained from the websites, which can provide crucial insights. Use the "Get Keywords" function to search for specific keywords like "waitlist" and "request access" within the text. This analysis allows you to identify companies with waitlist or access request features on their websites.

Step 5: Targeting Competitors and Enhancing Lead Sourcing
By combining the knowledge of companies using certain tools and those including relevant keywords, you can effectively target competitors and enhance your lead sourcing strategy. This approach helps you identify potential leads and gain a competitive edge.

Unlock the power of advanced lead sourcing techniques to discover companies aligned with your target tools and keywords. Expand your reach and build strong connections with the right audience. Start implementing this recipe today and supercharge your lead generation efforts.

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