Generate Messages That Reference News Articles

Reference news articles about a company in an OpenAi-generated message.

Matthew Quan

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to generate messages that reference news articles using AI and ChatGPT. By using the "Find Most Recent News by Domain" feature, you can easily find news articles about a specific acquisition or topic, and then use ChatGPT to summarize why it's exciting.

To get started, you simply map the domain and use the pre-built "Converse with Chat GPT" prompt. With two messages, you'll be able to instruct the system to give context for the role, summarize the news article, and complete sentences using the input provided. You can even set a limit of eight words to keep the responses concise and easy to read.

The results are impressive, as you can see from the two examples given in the video. This is a powerful way to synthesize information and create messages that will grab the attention of CEOs and other decision-makers. Whether you're scraping an entire website or just looking for news about a specific topic, this tutorial will show you how to use AI and GPT to make the process quick and easy.

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