Generate Messages that Reference Open Jobs

Reference previously-scraped job openings in an OpenAI-generated message

Matthew Quan
3 min.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to generate messages that reference open jobs using AI message creation within the platform. When generating messages with AI, it's better to stick to using it to generate a specific sentence, hook, or merge field as opposed to an entire email. This makes the output more consistent and reduces the chances of error.

In this example, we show you how to find current jobs that companies are hiring for by simply entering the domain in Clay. Once the different jobs and their descriptions are outputted, a conversed chat GPT is created to reach out to potential candidates.

First, you must create two messages that provide context for the role the AI is playing and how to summarize the key needs for the new hire in under eight words. By mapping the description from the jobs, the AI is able to pull out the key insights and provide solid results.

By following this tutorial and utilizing the AI message creation feature in Clay, you'll be able to generate messages that reference open jobs with ease. By using specific sentences or hooks, you'll be able to personalize your messages and make them more consistent. This method will help you find potential candidates for the job openings and provide a personalized touch to your outreach efforts.

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