Getting started with Clay for recruiting agencies

Learn how to find what roles companies are hiring for currently

Eric Nowoslawski
4 min.

Clay is a must-have tool for recruiting agencies due to its 70+ integrations designed specifically to find and vet the right candidates, based on your own criteria. In this video, Varun talks about a few of the awesome ways you can use Clay to find your dream recruits.

There are a few ways to import LinkedIn profiles (including our LinkedIn source), and Varun uses our Google Search source to do it. All this requires is to open the Google Search Source, type which job position you’re looking to recruit for, specify that you only want them to search within LinkedIn (use “” for this), and then to click run after specifying how many results you want.

Your Clay table will soon populate with results, and you can select which information you’d like to map out for further use. From there you’re able to use one (or many) of our 70+ integrations to vet your recruits, find their contact information, and get more conversions! We hope this was helpful, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, and happy prospecting!

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