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Getting started with Clay for recruiting agencies

Getting started with Clay for recruiting agencies

Learn how to find what roles companies are hiring for currently

Eric Nowoslawski
4 min.

Leveraging Clay for Recruiting: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this guide, we'll show you how to use Clay for recruiting, particularly in finding and enriching LinkedIn profiles for prospects. We'll use a simple Google X-Ray search to source LinkedIn profiles and then enrich that data to yield valuable insights for recruitment purposes.

Step 1: Create a New Table and Begin Your Google X-Ray Search
Start by creating a new table on Clay. Conduct a Google X-Ray search to find some LinkedIn profiles. In this example, we're searching for engineers. The search should yield around 40 LinkedIn profiles.

Step 2: Import and Clean LinkedIn Data
Next, import these LinkedIn profiles into your new Clay table. Clean up your table by removing unnecessary columns and then proceed to enrich the data. Use the "Enrich person from LinkedIn profile" function in Clay and execute the operation. This action will help gather further information from the imported LinkedIn profiles.

Step 3: Enrich Data Further
You can enrich the data further by pulling out specific information like job titles, company domain, start date, and location. There's a plethora of other information available, but for this example, we'll stick with these data points.

Step 4: Enrich Company Information
Proceed to enrich company data by inputting the company domain into the appropriate field and executing the operation. This process will yield fundamental details about the company, such as the employee count.

Step 5: Find Job Openings
A useful function in Clay is to find the number of job openings a company has. In our context, we want to find how many jobs these companies are hiring for, which can be an interesting data point for recruiters.

Step 6: Obtain Email Addresses
The final step is to obtain the email addresses of the people found in the LinkedIn profiles. Using Clay's function to find work email, you can input the person's name and company domain to yield their professional email addresses.

This guide illustrates how Clay can streamline and automate the recruiting process. In just a few simple steps, we went from a Google search to having the email addresses of 40 engineers. Clay makes the process of searching, enriching, and extracting data seamless and efficient.

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