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How to Calculate How Long A Prospect Has Been In A Position

How to Calculate How Long A Prospect Has Been In A Position

Determine how long a person has occupied their job for.

Matthew Quan
2 min.

Calculating How Long a Prospect Has Been in a Position

Clay’s integration with GPT allows users to evaluate the tenure of a person in their current role within a company. This can be useful for qualifying leads and crafting personalized messages. This guide will walk you through the steps of using Clay and GPT to determine how long a person has been in their current role.


1. Run the 'Find and Enrich Person' Integration
   ◦ Start by running the 'Find and Enrich Person' integration in Clay. This feature will provide you with data on the person, including their 'start date' at their current role.

2. Navigate to Enrich Data, AI, and GPT
   ◦ To calculate the tenure of the person, navigate to 'Enrich Data', then to 'AI and GPT'. Here, choose 'Converse with ChatGPT'.

3. Give Context to the AI
   ◦ The AI needs two messages to perform the task. The first message provides context. In this message, you'll explain that the AI is your assistant and its job is to determine how long someone has been in their current job. Make sure to provide the current date in the 'year-month-day' format.

4. Input the Start Date
   ◦ For the second message, you'll give the AI the start date from the 'Find an Enriched Person' integration. This information should be enclosed in quotation marks to make the input clear.

5. Specify the Required Output
   ◦ Request the AI to calculate the number of years the person has been at the company, with a specific instruction that if it's less than a year, the output should read 'less than a year'.

6. Map the Calculated Tenure
   ◦ Once you have these details, the calculated tenure of the person at the company will appear in a new column. You can use this information to sort by seniority or tenure or to personalize an email sequence.

7. Rename and Use the Tenure Data
   ◦ For easier reference, you can rename this column to 'Tenure'. This field can then be uploaded as a merge field for use in personalized emails.

Using GPT within Clay provides an efficient way to calculate and understand the tenure of a person in their current role at a company. This information can enhance your lead qualification process and enable more personalized messaging in your email sequences, making your communication more effective and targeted.

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