How to Find Influencer Email Addresses with Clay

Find email addresses for influencers using a cool trick in our Google source.

Eric Nowoslawski
5 min.

A common question that's asked to us is how we can find the emails of influencers (on TikTok, Instagram, etc.) using Clay. It can be difficult sometimes to pinpoint the contact info of people who primarily work on social media platforms. However, we have a cool hack within our Google Integration that Eric guides us through this very problem in a quick tutorial.
Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Open Clay, click "New Table", and find our Google Source.

Step 2: In the Google Search Query, specify which social media site you'd like to scrape- ex:

Step 3: Then, specify the keyword(s) you'd like to search by adding them in quotation marks- ex: "Yoga"

Step 4: Finally, add the email extensions that you'd like to be included in order for the search - ex: ("" OR "" OR "")

When you're finished, the end prompt should look something like this: "Yoga" ("" OR "" OR "")

Step 5: Select the number of results you'd like and run the integration.

Step 6: Extract the information that contains the email into a new column.

Step 7: Use Clay's "Extract URL's and Emails" Integration to take just the email out for easier use.

We hope this helps, and happy prospecting!

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