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How to Find the Number of Locations a Company Has

How to Find the Number of Locations a Company Has

Find out how many locations a company has nationwide, at scale.

Matthew Quan
3 min

How to Find the Number of Locations that a Company has Using Clay

Step 1: Define the Task
Begin by identifying what information you need to gather. For example, you may need to find the number of locations a company has, such as Sprout.

Step 2: Perform an Initial Google Search
Start with a basic Google search. Type in the company name, followed by 'number of locations.' For example, you would enter "Sprout number of locations" in the search bar.

Step 3: Use Scrape Hero
In your search results, look for a site like Scrape Hero. Scrape Hero has data on many brands and provides the answer to your search query.

Step 4: Locate the Number of Locations
Open the company's page on Scrape Hero. There, you'll find the number of locations the company has in the same spot on each page.

Step 5: Automate the Process with a Data Scraper
Use a data scraper like ParseHub or Web Scraper to automate this process. Once you've located the page with the information, set the scraper to extract the data.

Step 6: Modify the URL
Originally, the scraper will be set to extract data from one specific page. To make it dynamic and work for any company, you'll need to change the URL. Replace the company-specific portion of the URL with the company's name you're researching.

Step 7: Select the Data
With the data scraper, select the number of locations on the page. This will enable the tool to pull the number of locations from the page.

Step 8: Automate Google Searches
Using a tool like, automate Google searches. To set this up, add the company name plus 'Scrape Hero locations.' Limit the number of results to one to get a direct link to the Scrape Hero page for the company.

Step 9: Automate Data Extraction
To automate the scraping process, use a tool like the 'data from page' function in Google Sheets. This will map the link found in the automated Google search and scrape the data from the page, specifically the number of locations.

By following these steps, you can easily automate the process of finding company location information. This process can be replicated for other data extraction tasks, providing you with a fast and efficient way to gather information. This guide will help you streamline your data collection process, saving time and ensuring accuracy in your findings.

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