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How to get notified when people change jobs on LinkedIn

How to get notified when people change jobs on LinkedIn

Use Clay and the LinkedIn integration to see when people change jobs, change companies, and more!

Matthew Quan
2 min.

How to Get Notified When People Change Jobs on LinkedIn

When dealing with high-value customers in your CRM, it's crucial to be aware of their career movements, such as when they leave a company, get a promotion or change positions. In this guide, we'll walk you through an exciting way to set up an automatic monitoring system to keep track of your leads' career changes using Clay. This guide will be a great companion to the corresponding video tutorial.

1. Identify Your Leads: First, you need a list of leads you want to monitor, including their names and their SalesNav profile links. For the purpose of this guide, we assume that you have this list ready.

Step 1: Set a Historical Record of Leads' Current Company and Title
1. Navigate to Enrichments: Start by using Clay to enrich the data from LinkedIn, using the SalesNav links from your list.
2. Create New Columns: Next, create new columns in your list named after the current date, such as 'March 24th'. This will serve as a timestamp indicating when you've pulled the original title and company data for each lead.
3. Map Out the Data: From the SalesNow box, scroll down to 'Latest Experience', then map out your leads' current titles and the companies they work for into the newly created columns. Update these column names to include the date.

Step 2: Create Continuous Enrichment
1. Duplicate the Original Columns: The next step is to duplicate the original columns containing the title and company data.
2. Rename the Columns: After reorganizing the columns for clarity, rename the duplicated columns as 'Continuous' to indicate that these will be continuously updated.
3. Pull the Latest Data: Re-run the SalesNav enrichment to pull the latest title and company data for each lead into these new columns, named 'Current Title' and 'Current Company Name'.

Step 3: Monitor Changes in Titles and Companies
1. Create a New Formula Column: To easily spot any changes in titles or companies, create a new formula column. Use an AI formula generator to set the value to 'true' only if the 'March 24th' title or company differs from the 'Current' title or company.
2. Turn the Formula into a Checkbox: Change the data type for this column to a checkbox. When you re-run the enrichment process, the checkbox will be marked if a lead's title or company has changed since the last check.

Step 4: Create a View for Leads with Job Changes
1. Create a New View: For convenience, create a new view and filter it down to only show leads whose job change checkboxes are checked.
2. Pull Out Additional Data: In this filtered view, you can also pull out other relevant data, like the start date of the new position, from the 'Latest Experience'.

Step 5: Automate Personalized Messages
1. Generate Personalized Messages: You can leverage GPT or other AI integrations to automatically generate a personalized message to the lead upon a job change.
2. Create a Message Generation Column: If you create a column for this purpose, a personalized message will be automatically generated anytime a job change is detected and the lead is added to the filtered view.

Step 6: Regularly Update the Information
1. Update the List Regularly: To keep the data current, all you need to do is run the enrichment process for all the rows every two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, or every six months, depending on your needs

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