How to Normalize Locations + Isolate Just the City or State

Isolate parts of a location (city, state, country, etc.) using OpenAI.

Matthew Quan
2 min.

In this Clay tutorial, you will learn how to normalize locations and isolate just the city or state, using GPT's powerful data formatting capabilities. Whether you need to classify companies by their location for lead scoring or reference the city in an email, GPT can make the process quick and easy.

To get started, go to Enrich Data, then AI and GPT in Clay. Create a new column and input the necessary system context for the role, followed by the location you want to isolate the city from. You can then use GPT to generate just the city from that list, which you can filter by to help you reach out to specific locations or reference them in your emails.
Isolating the city name from the locality column can be especially helpful because some people will spell out the state while others will just put the abbreviated form.

This feature ensures consistency in your data and makes filtering by city or state more accurate. With GPT, you can easily clean and format both structured and unstructured data and make data processing a breeze.

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