How to scrape websites in Clay and use keywords to qualify your leads

Use keywords from websites to determine whether the people in your lead list are worth contacting.

Matthew Quan
2.5 min.

Finding relevant keywords in a company website or a body of text can be a great way to determine whether the company in question is a qualified lead or not. It is also a great way to personalize outbound- you can mention things that were brought up in a company description to demonstrate due diligence.

By combining two of our in-house Clay integrations (Scrape Website and Get Keywords), you can determine whether a company has keywords in their site that match the ones you’re looking for. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Have an aggregated list of websites that you can use with our “Scrape Website” integration. This can be done through our Google source, manually, or with a variety of our existing integrations (like our LinkedIn “enrich company”) integration.

Step 2: Go to our “Scrape Website” integration and input the website column when prompted to. You can also select what kind of data you’d like to extract from the site- in this case, we want large bodies of text such as a company “About Us” page or a long mission statement. Save your changes, click run, and you’ll see the results populate in your Clay table.

Step 3: Go to our “Get Keywords” integration. Type in the keywords that you want to scrape the body of text for, and then put the body of text in the prompt box below. Run this integration.

After that, the integration will automatically determine whether the body of text contains the keywords you’re looking for. We hope this helps, and happy prospecting!

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