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How to scrape your company's LinkedIn followers

How to scrape your company's LinkedIn followers

Learn how to scrape the LinkedIn profiles of everyone who follows your Company's Linkedin page. Then quickly enrich those leads to find emails, contact info, and more!

Matthew Quan
2 min.

Scraping and Enriching LinkedIn Followers Using Clay

Scraping and enriching data from your LinkedIn company page can provide invaluable insights into your followers and generate high-quality leads. This guide will walk you through the process of utilizing the Clay Chrome Extension to easily scrape followers from your LinkedIn page, enrich those leads, and even find their email addresses.

1. Prerequisites
   ◦ You need to be the admin of the LinkedIn company page you want to scrape. This process will not work for LinkedIn pages you do not manage.
   ◦ Download and install the Clay Chrome Extension. If you do not have it, search 'Clay for Chrome' in Google and download the extension from the results.

2. Accessing Your LinkedIn Company Page
   ◦ Visit your LinkedIn company page and click on the 'Followers' tab. Then, click on 'See All Followers' to reveal the list of every person following your page.

3. Using the Clay Chrome Extension
   ◦ Click on the Clay Chrome Extension button. This will initiate the scraping process, which starts to gather all available information from the page.
   ◦ Scroll down the page to populate the rows with data. As you continue scrolling, more rows will be filled.

4. Creating a Clay Table
   ◦ Once you have displayed all the followers you wish to scrape, click on 'Add Workspace'. This action will create a new Clay table with the scraped LinkedIn profiles, names, and all other scraped information.

5. Enriching the Data
   ◦ Run additional measurements to enrich the scraped LinkedIn profiles. To do this, navigate to 'Enrich Person' and use the 'Enrich Person from LinkedIn profile' function.
   ◦ Map the 'LinkedIn profile' column, then run this function to enrich all the scraped profiles.

6. Finding Email Addresses
   ◦ If you wish to find the work emails of your scraped LinkedIn profiles, you can use Clay's 'Find Work Email' function.
   ◦ Once you enrich the profiles, you'll have the full name and company domain required for this function.
   ◦ Alternatively, you can input the LinkedIn URL directly into 'Nimbler's Find Work Email' to scrape emails from just the LinkedIn URL.

By following these steps, you can quickly and efficiently scrape and enrich followers from your LinkedIn page. Remember, you need to be the admin of the LinkedIn page and have the Clay Chrome Extension to perform this operation.

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