How to set up lead scoring and prioritize accounts and contacts

Score leads using our integration at scale to save time.

Matthew Quan
6 min.

Scoring leads has never been easier with Clay’s new “Score a Row” integration. Before, one would have to create formulas for each set of criteria they want to score a row for, if not just do it manually. Now, it can be done in seconds, with up to 15 criteria to score a lead by.

In this video, Matt shows us how to score a lead in Clay by simply filling out a few dialogue boxes. Here’s how he did it:

Step 1: Create scoring criteria. These are the set of standards in which you want to score your lead- there should be a column for each set of criteria. Examples could be revenue, funding amount, location, and more.

Step 2: Find and open our “Score Lead in Clay” integration. First, it’s going to ask for the amount of scoring criteria you have- there will be a section to fill out for each criteria listed.

Step 3: Then, you’ll have to fill out each criteria section. First, it will ask for the values to score- here you want to throw in the column that you’re using for that criteria. After that, you’ll select what comparison type to use. This depends on the type of data (text, number, etc) that you use. Keywords allow you to group the scores- for example, if ranking by revenue, you can assign $100k-$1M as a group, then $1.1M-$2M as another group, and so on. Finally, you can then assign scores to each group. Then, save changes and click run.

This allows you to score leads without having to do any further work, eliminating the need for tedious research on each prospect that comes in. We hope this helps, and happy prospecting!

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