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How to use recipes

Shorten a business description using OpenAI

Matthew Quan
2 min.

Using Clay x OpenAI to Summarize What a Business Does

Harnessing the power of AI and GPT can vastly simplify the task of comprehending and summarizing the essence of a company from its description. This guide demonstrates how you can transform lengthy descriptions into easily digestible summaries, improving the efficiency of your lead analysis and email outreach.

1. Navigate to ChatGPT Integrations
   ◦ Start by navigating to the 'Enrich Data' section in Clay. From there, select 'AI and GPT', followed by 'Converse with Chat GPT'. This will open the interface where you can instruct the GPT on the task.

2. Set Up AI Messages
   ◦ To get the desired output, create two messages. The first message sets the context for the AI, for example, stating the need to summarize a company description.
   ◦ For the second message, acting as the user, provide the input for the AI. Specifically, instruct the AI to summarize what the company does based on its description in a limited number of words.

3. Input the Company Description
   ◦ Obtain the company description from the 'Enrich Company' section and use this as the input for the AI.

4. Review the AI-Generated Summary
   ◦ Once you've inputted the description, the AI will generate a concise summary of what the company does. For instance, if the input was a lengthy description of 'Critical Start', the output might be something like 'Manage detection and response resolving security risks, security alerts'. This makes it quick and easy to understand the essence of the company.

5. Transform the Summary into a Reference
   ◦ Optionally, you can further leverage the summary by incorporating it into your email outreach. An example could be: "Hey, I saw that Company X does Y and Z."

Using Clay's AI and GPT integrations can simplify the task of comprehending company descriptions. By transforming lengthy descriptions into concise summaries, you can more efficiently analyze leads and personalize your email outreach, saving you valuable time and energy.

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