How to use any integration in Clay

The basics to using any integration within Clay.

Matthew Quan
1 min.

Each of our integrations is structured in a certain way to allow for the most freedom and scalability possible. We allow the use of columns, formulas, and raw text in most of our integrations so when you run them, you get the exact output you need.

In this video, Matthew goes over some basics on how our integrations work, how to run them, and where to look for the integration you want. Here are a few of the points covered:

1. Most integrations require a few basic pieces of data, and most commonly this includes a company website. This, a name, a LinkedIn profile, and an email can all be great starting points when running a Clay integration.

2. To find an integration, simply go to the top right of your Clay table and you’ll find a directory of all available integrations. Some are marked with a coin icon (require clay credits) or a key (requires an API key). They are also sectioned off by function- for example, integrations that involve finding/checking emails are in the “Email” section.

3. To run an integration, click on it and fill out the required information. It will most likely ask for data already found in your Clay table somewhere, hence the need to find starting information. You also have the option to run formulas (our AI Formula generator is awesome) or conditionals with these integrations.

We hope that some of these basics help you get started with Clay! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions, and happy prospecting!

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