How to use the AI formula generator and conditionally run integrations

Use the AI Formula generator to conditionally run integrations and more.

Matthew Quan
6 min.

Our AI Formula Tool is one of the coolest new features in Clay, and has made it easier than ever to customize conditional formatting for your Clay table. Harnessing the power of modern day AI, you can now use this formula generator to bypass complex syntax. Now, you just have to tell it what you want and it will generate an output.

In this video, Matthew shows you a few cool use cases for the AI Formula Generator, but if we’re being honest, there are too many to count. Here’s how to use it, as well as a few use cases for it:

Step 1: Create a new column in your Clay table- this will most commonly just be a text table, but there are a few other options as well.

Step 2: Click the AI Formula Generator in the side bar of the column settings. A prompt box will pop up.

Here are a few use cases for the generator:

1. Conditionally run formulas based on prior criteria (this can save you Clay credits :))
2. Split up strings of text to contain only the pieces you want.
3. Generate text based on the results of another  integration
4. Use “and” and “or” statements in your conditional formatting

We hope this helps, and happy prospecting!

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