Pull in LinkedIn connects with new jobs in Clay

Automatically fill your table with LinkedIn connections that switch jobs within Clay

Eric Nowoslawski
5 min.

Part of what makes Clay special is its ability to automatically update with new leads without you having do do anything after setup. A great demonstration of this concept is shown by Eric in this video, where he sets up a system that automatically populates a Clay table with LinkedIn connections that recently switched jobs. This requires LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Phantombuster, and a Clay Table. Here’s how to do it:

First, Eric demonstrates how to use LinkedIn sales navigator to find 1st degree connections that had recently changed job positions. From there, he went to Phantombuster to set up an update system that scraped these results at a set time interval. After that, he connected his Phantombuster to Clay through an API key, allowing the table to auto update. Using the information given through the first few steps, Eric was able to enrich the profiles for more information such as contact information, company, and more!

This table essentially provides a consistently updating stream of contacts that can Eric can then enrich, send to CRM, or use for outreach. We hope this was helpful for you, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and happy prospecting!

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