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Enriching people with LinkedIn and contact information

Enriching people with LinkedIn and contact information

Search any website for keywords to score companies based on a customizable rubric

Eric Nowoslawski
3 min.

Scoring Websites Based on Keywords Mentioned

Hello everyone! In this guide, we're going to explore how you can employ Clay for one of the most efficient prospecting tasks: scanning websites for specific keywords. The use case we'll delve into is scanning Shopify stores for the word "wholesale", a critical qualifier for certain prospecting processes.

Setting Up Your Clay Table for Keyword Scanning
The first step in this process is to set up your Clay table. In this example, we start by populating our table with a list of Shopify stores and their respective websites. The goal is to scan these websites and score them based on the mention of "wholesale".

Normalizing URLs for Effective Scanning
The next step is to normalize the URLs for effective scanning. When utilizing Google search operators within Clay, normalizing the URL by removing additional details like "www" can yield better results.

Adding Google Integration to Find Keywords
The crux of this process is to add the Google integration to find keywords on these websites. Here's how we do it: Navigate to "Add Integrations", select the Google integration, and then choose "Find keywords in website". After entering the normalized URL and the keyword "wholesale", Clay can now scan these websites for the desired keyword.

Identifying Prospects Based on Keyword Mention
As a result of this keyword scanning, we can identify companies that mention "wholesale". Spot-checking a few of these can validate the results. For instance, in the video, we found several companies that mentioned "wholesale", correlating with Clay's findings. In some instances, the keyword might be on a different page than the main one, as with the "Tin Tin" example, but the Clay integration was still able to locate it.

Reach Out to Prospects
With a list of qualified prospects based on their mention of "wholesale", you are now ready to reach out. This process demonstrates how Clay can streamline prospecting tasks by identifying relevant keywords across a vast number of websites quickly and effectively.

This guide has provided a detailed walkthrough of using Clay to scan websites for specific keywords, a powerful tool for effective prospecting. By leveraging Clay's Google integration, you can sift through thousands of websites, identify prospects based on keyword mentions, and streamline your outreach process.

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