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Scrape a List of Speakers from an Event

Scrape a List of Speakers from an Event

Scrape a list of conference speakers directly from their website in seconds. Then, enrich with Clay to find their contact information.

Clay Team
3 min.

How to Scrape a List of Speakers at an Event

Are you attending an event and hoping to network but unsure how to obtain the necessary contact information? In this guide, we're going to teach you how to use Clay to effectively gather email addresses from event attendee lists, making your outreach a breeze.
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Step 1: Gathering Data Using Clay Chrome Extension
The first step is gathering all the necessary data from the event site. For our example, we'll use the Web Summit event in Lisbon.
1. Open the event page and find the list of speakers or attendees. For instance, the Web Summit website provides names, titles, and companies of speakers for each session.
2. Open the Clay Chrome extension. This tool automatically maps the available data. For our purpose, we need the names and companies of the attendees.
3. Ensure all the necessary data has been captured. Click through all the available pages until you have collected all attendees' data. Clay auto-populates this data into a workspace for easy access.

Step 2: LinkedIn Enrichment to Find LinkedIn Profiles
Next, use the gathered data to find the LinkedIn profiles of your target attendees:
1. In your Clay workspace, go to the LinkedIn integration and select "Enrich person from search."
2. Set up your search query by inputting "Text One" for full names and "Text Two" for companies, then click on "Save Changes."
3. Run the search for all the attendees. Clay will then start finding the LinkedIn profiles for each attendee.
4. For data accuracy, do a quick spot check to ensure the correct profiles are being pulled. You can easily verify this by comparing the job titles and companies in Clay with the LinkedIn profiles.

Step 3: Finding Email Addresses Using Clay Enrichments
Lastly, use Clay to find the work emails for your target attendees:
1. After verifying the LinkedIn profiles, find the "latest experience" option in Clay and then select "Company Domain."
2. Map this to the table to see everything easily.
3. In your Clay workspace, add the Clay enrichment "Find work email." Use the attendees' full names and company domains for this purpose.
4. Save changes and then run the enrichment. Clay will start finding the work emails for each attendee.
And there you have it! You have successfully transformed an attendee list into a database of work email addresses for your event outreach. Now, you can easily reach out to these people for meet-and-greets, interviews, or networking sessions at your upcoming event.
Note: Please ensure to respect privacy rules and obtain the necessary permissions where required when reaching out to these contacts.

With this quick 3-step guide, Clay has simplified your event outreach process, providing an effective and efficient way to network. Whether it's for an upcoming event or future engagements, this process allows you to make the most out of your networking opportunities.

Remember, this guide's steps may slightly vary depending on the specific event's website and the type of data provided. Nonetheless, Clay's adaptability allows you to customize it to your needs.

Enjoy networking at your next event!

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