Scrape a List of Speakers from an Event

Scrape a list of conference speakers directly from their website in seconds. Then, enrich with Clay to find their contact information.

Clay Team
3 min

Scraping speakers from a conference can be a super helpful networking tool to lay groundwork with prospects before attending the event. It can also be great afterwards to reach out to the speakers that may have interested you and connect further. This used to require lots of manual data input, and then even more work when it came time to find their contact information. This is no longer an issue with Clay's Chrome Extension, which can scrape any website for data that can be automatically exported into your Clay table. Let's get started:

First, just navigate to the page in the conference website that houses all of the speakers. In our video example, Eric does this for the Websummit conference in Lisbon. From there, all you need to do is activate your Clay Chrome extension (you can download it for free here if you haven't already), and start scrolling! As you navigate through each page of results, the Chrome Extension will scrape your speakers and store them in the cache. Once you've scraped all of the people you want, just export them to a Clay table and start enriching!

Once your contacts are in the Clay table, you can use some of our 70+ enrichments to find speaker contact information, to write customized cold outreach messaging with our OpenAi integration, and much more. We hope this tutorial inspired some cool ideas for you, and happy prospecting!

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