Add qualified leads to campaigns automatically

Learn how to connect Clay to to automate your automate outbound campaigns

Eric Nowoslawski
2 min.

We’ve come out with an incredibly exciting new feature here at Clay- the ability to export your contacts directly to! This allows you to now automate essentially every step of the prospecting and outreach process, leaving you to work on the more pressing aspects of your company’s day-to-day.

All you need to do this is an Instantly.Ai account that allows you to import contacts using Clay; at the time of this video’s creation, this was available in the hypergrowth plan. Once you have that, just go to our “Export Data” tab, find Instantly in the options, and input your API key. You can then export any of the contacts that you created within Clay.

This feature is yet another way to make the prospecting process infinitely easier with Clay. We hope this helps, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, and happy prospecting!

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