Use the Clay scraper to turn webpages into lists

Use the Clay Chrome extension to scrape data from the web to later enrich within Clay.

Matthew Quan
1 min.

Our Chrome Extension lets you scrape any website you want, essentially turning the entire internet into a data source. Want to scrape Y-Combinator companies, or speakers at a conference, or a list of products you want to purchase? You can now do this with a few clicks of your mouse! Once the data is scraped to your liking, you can export it to your Clay table for further enrichment.

In this video, Matthew demonstrates how to use the Clay Chrome Extension to extract data from a website. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Download the Clay Chrome Extension.

Step 2: Navigate to the page that you’d like to scrape. Click on the Chrome Extension to open it up.

Step 3. Often times, the extension will generate a list of all the pieces of data you want to scrape. If this happens, and the data is to your liking, all you need to do is scroll through the database and make sure that Clay scrapes each list section you want. Then, just click “add to table” and the data will populate in your Clay table!

However, sometimes the Chrome extension won’t scrape the data you want, or maybe it’ll scrape too much. In this case, you can map our your own recipe to scrape exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: If you’re on the extension already, go to “Select Data” and create a recipe.

Step 2: Then, click “Select Data”. If the page you’re mapping isn’t a list, then you’ll want to start mapping individual attributes of the page. If it is a list, then select the list option.

Step 3: Start selecting the attributes that you want to map. Make sure to assign them the correct category (text, image, link, etc) because different data will pop up depending on the attribute.

Step 4: Create the recipe and begin scraping! Export the data to a Clay table once you’ve found everything you’re looking for.

We hope this helps! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, and happy prospecting ⛏

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