Using Clay with Zapier

Integrate Clay with Zapier to create thousands of different workflow automations.

Clay Team
4 min.

Integrating Clay with Zapier can unlock a nearly endless amount of workflow automations to save you time and effort in your prospecting. You can connect Clay to Zapier through their app library of 5000+ apps. In this example, Matthew shows us how to create a simple prospect scoring and outreach workflow using Clay. Here’s how he did it:

After creating an outline of his ideal workflow, Matthew went into Zapier and set up an automation that created a new record in Clay every time a lead email came in. From there, he went into Clay and created a few AI Formulas (check out our video on that for more refined instructions) to split up the data, create determinations based on prospect info, and ultimately decide whether the prospect in question was one he wanted to accept. From there, he used this info to go back into Zapier and create an outbound email based on info from the Clay table, either rejecting or accepting his inbound prospect. This was all done with a few clicks between the two apps, saving tons of unnecessary time in outreach.

We hope this helps, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, and happy prospecting!

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