Using the AI Formula Generator

Use Clay's AI Formula Generator to write formulas without needing to know any complex syntax.

Clay Team
4 min.

Our new AI-Formula generator is essentially a ChatGPT for writing Clay formulas- you’re able to write complex conditionals without having to know any syntax other than English. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that can save you time, effort, and even Clay credits 😉. Here’s how to use it:

The first use case that Matthew demonstrates in this video is using the AI Formula Generator to save Clay credits. In this instance, Matthew is looking for the contact info of a few prospects- he’s found the work email of some prospects, but not others. He wants to find the phone number of the prospects without an email found. He’s able to type in a simple sentence in the AI formula generator and soon, he’s only spending Clay credits where he needs to.

You can also use this generator to select results for a certain column. For example, if you wanted to have a dedicated Clay column to display a person’s final contact info, you can tell the generator to essentially create an if-then statement for the column, showing only one result based on your priority. You can even use the generator just to assign a value to a column, like checking a box if the data fits certain criteria.

Want to clean up a body of text and display the output in a new column? Well, you guessed it, you can do that too. All you need is a column with some text and you can ask the AI Formula Generator to take out the data you want.

We hope you find some of these cases useful, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, and happy prospecting!

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