Find Multiple People at a Company with Clay

Find people who have similar titles to each other within a company

Eric Nowoslawski
3 mins.

In prospecting, it’s generally a great move to find more than one decision maker within a company to increase your likelihood of garnering a response. Most medium to large companies may have several people occupying the same or similar titles, so being diligent in a company search is imperative.

Clay does this incredibly well, and in this informative video Eric shows us how to get that done in just minutes. This operation can be done through our “Enrich Person from Search” integration- instead of finding just one person within the results, we ask for any person within a company that matches a set of job titles we feed it. In this example, Eric asks for roles that match terms like CEO. Just like that, your Clay table is populated with some new prospects from the same company!

After finding these prospects, you’re able to enrich their profiles further and find valuable information about them such as their email, phone number, or personalization info. We hope this helps, and happy prospecting!

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