Writing to Another Clay Table

Clay Team
4 min.

You may want to retain certain info from one Clay table and transfer it to another. This is very common for people who may want to refine a prospects list elsewhere, or just export a few of their integrations to another project. Here’s how to do it, using our super easy “Write to Table” integration:

First, it’s important that the table you’re trying to write to has similar column names/organization as your original one. A hack for this that Matthew shows us is the ability to just export your old table as a CSV, upload it into a new table, and delete the information, leaving replica column names. Then, you’re ready to run the integration.

Once you find the Write to Table integration, you can start filling out the proper fields. For any columns that may have multiple results, it’s important to fill those out with the original result. For example, to transfer all of an enriched person’s information, you should throw the whole result into the box. For any singular results, you should go into the integration, find the specific result (ex: name of the person) and map it out into the box. Once you’ve filled everything out, just click “Run” and watch as your new table populates with all of your results.

We hope this tutorial helps, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, and happy prospecting!

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