Get Recent Company Fundraising Data

Get information like what round a company is in, how much they've raised, company location, and more using our "Find Fundraising Data" integration! All that's required is a domain and the information will then populate into your Clay table, which you can use for further digging. Happy prospecting!

Clay Team
1 min.

Fundraising data can be a great indicator for qualifying prospects, or simply just knowing what company stage they’re in for more talking points. It used to be quite difficult to scrape company fundraising data in a quick, efficient and scalable manner. This is no longer a problem with our “Get Fundraising Data” in-house Clay integration. Here’s how to use it:

All you need in order to run this integration is a company domain- the first step in running this is to populate a Clay table with the names and domains of companies you’re interested in finding fundraising data for. After that, navigate to the “Enrich Data” section in the top right of your Clay table and find the “Get Fundraising Data by Domain” integration. Then, throw in your domain column to the allotted slot and click “Run”.

The results for this integration include what series a company is in, how much they’re raised, last funding date, and other basic company information such as where they’re located. This can be mapped out to your Clay table for further enrichment, or sent to CRM tools using our export tool. We hope this helps, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and happy prospecting!

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