Recruiting with Clay's Google Search source

Find out how a recruiting agency can harness the power of Clay

Varun Anand
6 mins.

A common problem often experienced in the early stages of the prospecting process is finding a consistent and reliable data source from which to find possible prospects. Manually adding hundreds of leads takes hours of unnecessary time, and Clay aims to fix this problem with its incredibly powerful Google Search Operators.

In this video, Varun goes through an example process of how to scrape people’s LinkedIn accounts directly from Google. Our operators are actually very complex and can do more than scrape a simple Google Search. You’re able to add operators to include/exclude certain sites, categories, and other filters to make sure that the incoming results are exactly what you want them to be. You can then run the operator, let your table populate, and get your results!

Once your table is populated, you can now enrich your recruits using one of our dozens of integrations. We hope this helps, and happy prospecting!

Tools Used