The Complete Guide to

Smart B2B Sales Prospecting

If you’re a B2B business looking to run smart, technical prospecting campaigns, you’re in the right place. Running winning cold email campaigns, in 2023, is all about using smart sales technology to personalize your outbounding at scale.

Smart sales tech is a game-changer

Learn how to use AI, data scrapers, and other tools to automate (and massively boost responses to) your campaigns. The best sales teams of the future will automate writing emails—and let their SDRs focus on higher-leverage work instead.

This is the guide we wish we had when
we were learning about sales prospecting

It’s meant to help anyone from first-time founders to sales agency owners run smart, technical email campaigns. We draw upon our experience sending millions of prospecting emails, running hours of demos, closing deals, and learning from the world’s best sales leaders.

You’ll Learn How To...

Set up a modern sales tech stack
Use deep targeting to hone in on good leads
Use AI to write personalized emails