AI Formula Generator - Create Complex Formulas and Conditional Runs

Use the AI Formula Generator to create complex formulas without knowledge of syntax

Matthew Quan
5 min

In this tutorial, we'll be discussing the AI Formula Generator feature. This feature is essential in creating complex formulas and conditional runs, making data formatting and cleaning more manageable. The video will demonstrate how to use this feature for three primary use cases, namely, conditional formatting, cleaning data, and filtering data.Firstly, conditional formatting is useful when dealing with data with specific requirements. The video demonstrates how to create a formula to run a specific column only if certain conditions are met. The AI Formula Generator can be used to set up these conditions by selecting specific columns and conditions.

Secondly, the feature can be used to clean data by pulling out specific information from data columns. The video shows how to create a formula column and extract specific information such as city names from general locality columns.Lastly, the AI Formula Generator can be used to filter data by adding multiple conditions for specific columns. The video also demonstrates how to create a checkbox column that can be used to filter data based on specific conditions.

Overall, the AI Formula Generator is an essential tool in formatting, cleaning, and filtering data in Clay. By using the tool effectively, users can make data analysis and processing more manageable and less time-consuming.

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