How to scrape websites in Clay and use AI to craft hyper-personalized messages

Use the Get Data tool combined with our OpenAi integration to hyper-personalize outreach.

Matthew Quan
6 min.

An absolutely dangerous combination can be found with the merging of two Clay integrations - Scrape Website and OpenAI.

The former of the two allows you to scrape any site for a defined set of characteristics- this could be keywords, images, files, and more. It can do so at scale and can allow you to map these out at scale into your Clay table.

Our OpenAi integration allows you to write hyper-personalized messaging using information that is already located in your Clay table.

In this video, Matthew shows us a super cool way of applying these two integrations for personalization that seems impossible to have been automated- but it is. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Have an aggregated list of websites that you can use with our “Scrape Website” integration. This can be done through our Google source, manually, or with a variety of our existing integrations (like our LinkedIn “enrich company”) integration.

Step 2: Go to our “Scrape Website” integration. You’ll have to throw in your website column where it asks for it, and then you can select what kind of data you’d like to scrape. For this, we recommend at least some sort of company description or mission statement so we have a lot of information to feed to OpenAI. Then, run the integration

Step 3: Open up the OpenAI “Complete Prompt” integration. You’ll want to know what sort of outreach material you’re writing before doing this. For example though, lets say that you’re reaching out to prospects and want them to know that you align with your mission statement. In this situation, you can tell OpenAI to write an email that quickly summarizes their mission statement and then tells the prospect why your solution aligns with said statement. Trying a few different prompts is recommended as it can help perfect the messaging. After you’ve written a good one down, click “Save Changes” and then run the integration.

Combining these two tools give you hundreds of different ways to hyper-personalize your outreach messaging for prospects, making sure that you stand out from any other outbound contact they may receive. We hope this helps, and happy prospecting!

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