The Complete Guide to

AI for Outbound Prospecting

Does using AI to write cold emails work? After sending close to a million cold emails using AI, we can confidently say yes — but only if you know how to do it right.

AI isn’t a magic wand. To be successful with AI, you need to learn when to use it (hint: for chunks of emails, not full emails!) and how to prompt well. We made this guide to teach you everything we know.

We’ll cover...

Use cases for AI in outbounding
Basic & advanced AI prompting frameworks
16+ case studies and templates
from our own experience

Our results speak for themselves

AI has saved us hundreds of hours of manual research, often doubled campaign response rates, and freed up our SDRs to spend their time on tasks that can’t be automated. The time savings alone is worth the investment in the learning.

Uplevel your outbound in hours

The AI landscape is nascent (though growing fast!). If you have a few days, you should be able to get up to speed quickly—and uplevel your entire outbound motion.