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Find Yelp business reviews and information

Find Yelp business reviews and information

Find local business information like reviews, address and phone number

Eric Nowoslawski
3 min.

Finding Yelp Business Reviews and Information at Scale

Hello, everyone! Today, we're excited to share details about our product's newest integration - Yelp Search. This innovative feature allows you to add a personal touch to your prospecting efforts by leveraging data about local attractions, popular restaurants, and business reviews in your prospects' hometowns.

Yelp Provider Integration
Kick-off by heading to the Yelp provider integration on our platform. You'll find two options here: "Find Businesses" and "Find Reviews for a Business".

Finding Businesses
Choose "Find Business" if you're looking to discover popular local businesses such as restaurants. Add the location sourced from your prospect's LinkedIn profiles and specify the type of business you're interested in - for instance, "restaurant". Don't worry about the country if you have the exact location. You can sort results by "recommended", "highest rated", or "most reviewed".

Prioritizing Ad Results
We suggest selecting "most reviewed" and including ad results in your search. Why? Any top-rated business on Yelp is likely running ads, and those running ads are surely active businesses. Plus, ad results reduce the chances of recommending a permanently closed business to your prospects.

Examining the Yelp Search Results
Once your search results are ready, you'll find details such as the business name, their phone number, Yelp rating, review snippets, service options, and categories.

Personalizing Your Outreach
Now, it's time to personalize your outreach. For example, you could write: "Hey Joe, I noticed you're located in the Phoenix area. Have you ever tried Bobby Qs? I've heard great things about it." Such personalization is likely to grab your prospect's attention.

Finding Reviews for a Business
The Yelp integration also allows you to find reviews for a specific business. To do this, select the "Find Reviews for a Business" option in Yelp. Use the place ID of the business from Yelp to gather reviews. This can be done by visiting Yelp and copying the place ID from the business's Yelp page.

Our new Yelp integration offers an exciting opportunity to make your email outreach more personalized and effective. Give it a try and make your prospecting efforts stand out!

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