Find Yelp business reviews and information

Find local business information like reviews, address and phone number

Eric Nowoslawski
3 mins.

Our Yelp “Find Businesses” integration can be super helpful in a variety of ways, but in this video, Eric shows us one of the coolest ones- to personalize outreach by finding top rated restaurants where your prospect lives. This adds a touch of personalization that almost seems like it could never be automated, but with Clay, it can be done with a few clicks.

To find businesses within a prospect’s local area, all you need to have prior is a prospect and where they’re located. If this seems difficult to do, don’t fret- we have integrations for that too (see “Enrich Company” integrations). Once you’ve mapped out a company’s location, you can then go to the “Enrich” tab at the top right of your Clay table and search our Yelp “Find Businesses” integration. From there, you just need to input your company’s location, define any further parameters you might want (check the video for some good ideas) and then click “Run”.

From there, you can use these local businesses to personalize your outreach messaging- for example, sending out a message that says something along the lines of, “I’ve heard great things about [restaurant]. Have you ever been?” This level of personalization is likely not used by your competitors and will stand out amongst a sea of cold outreach. We hope this helps, and happy prospecting!

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